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You may be well underway with your Facebook advertising, your Google ads and your Twitter advertising but what about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn advertising holds the unique opportunity to promote your product, service or news story directly to business professionals, using the platform’s many targeting options. LinkedIn allows you to advertise to those hard to reach people you may not be able to reach through other marketing methods, through company, job role and seniority targeting.

There a range of advert types available on the platform including, text ads, image/video ads, job ads and message ads. Placement, like Facebook, is largely on the user’s newsfeed and adverts can be set to also display on the platform’s partner audience network sites.


Using the data collected by your website, LinkedIn allows businesses to retarget and create lookalike audiences based on the data within their community. This type of targeting is ideal for broadening your reach and can be refined by additional audience attributes to further specify a target group.


This type of targeting provides considerable scope to define a target audience, including using company names, job titles, education as well as years of experience, to reach specific users.  Campaigns can be targeted to individuals using company size and industry or to users who follow defined pages.

Attributes available for LinkedIn Targeting:

  • Location
  • Gender, Age
  • Education Level
  • Job Industry
  • Job Title / Function / Seniority
  • Years of Experience
  • Affiliated Groups or Companies

Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers a range of advert types to suit chosen campaign aims. Commonly, ads will appear on the user’s newsfeed. However, advertising through messaging is also available and can prove successful in generating leads.


Looking to stay at the forefront of your audience’s minds and boost engagement? Sponsored content appears on users’ newsfeeds and boosts your post to reach a wider audience. Ideal for increasing touch points with your customers, sponsored content isn’t just about selling. Promoting engaging content that prompts discussion, awareness and engagement is just as (if not more) important than the initial introduction of your business or product.


Reach out to your audience on a personal level with LinkedIn InMail. This highly personal form of promotion can be a powerful tool in lead generation campaigns. LinkedIn has this form of promotion down to a fine art - only sending InMail to users when they are online. In this way, your message can be reactive to your audience and their activities on the site. When managed effectively, an InMail campaign will engage users and prompt action and response, without turning them off with a message that may appear to be spam.


Linkedin Text ads offer a budget friendly option with set up based on PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per impression). Text ads sit in the lead generation ‘Google Ads’ style family rather than the sponsored content family. Using engaging wording and pointing users to a lead generation landing page can prove to be an effective method for getting the most from your advertising using this form of LinkedIn promotion.

The immense knowledge, networks, and expertise found on LinkedIn present a significant opportunity to any business looking to widen their reach


Linkedin advertising provides a fantastic opportunity to grow and engage your audience using a range of advertising methods to suit your campaign objective. With a high level of detailed targeting and users on the platform in a ‘professional’ mindset, this is a lucrative option for b2b promotions and campaigns.

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“LinkedIn is the platform to reach decision makers. It captures users in a ‘work’ state of mind and gives your business the chance to pitch your services clearly and effectively. We’ll work with you on key messaging and trial different strategies in order to maximise engagement and get the most from your advert spend”