Careers and Culture at Signify Digital

From a welcoming office atmosphere to the prospect of charting your own career path, here at Signify Digital we ensure that you have all the right tools to succeed in a career that you are not only good at but you also genuinely enjoy.

signify digital team
Signify Digital Team
Happy Mondays

Positivity Breeds Productivity

A positive office culture is a key consideration in all that we do at Signify Digital. And – as with many London marketing agencies – we come equipped with a selection of exciting office tropes.

Table tennis table? Check.
Coffee and craft lager on tap? Check.
A miniature rainforest’s worth of houseplants? Check.

And why not? At the end of the day, we like to keep the team as positive and enthused as possible. After all, a zealous, optimistic team is a productive team. And through our emphasis on creating a friendly, motivational environment, we like to think that it’s a great work team to be part of.

How can you be sure that we walk the walk as well as talk the talk? Have a quick scan of our core beliefs below for a better grasp of what we deem to be at the tippy top of our culture checklist.

Be Part of the Company's Voice

Have your say (literally)

We run off the fact that a company goes far deeper than just the top dogs. Attaining the perspectives from everyone in the office allows us to see both ourselves and our work styles in a different light.

That’s why – through the likes of quarterly company-wide strategy days – we not only enable but encourage suggestions for improvements in how we operate.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a change in tact with our client approach or the inclusion of Tequila Tuesdays in the team diary, we want our team to speak up whenever they see fit. (Still eagerly awaiting that Tequila Tuesdays suggestion…)

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Careers Modelled with You in Mind

Carve out the career path that YOU want

By motivating you to follow your desired career path, we:

  • Help you get the most out of your role.
  • Help your role get the very best out of you.

This not only leads to a more enjoyable and higher quality of work, it also helps us find your niche. Once found, the role is yours to shape as you see fit.

In turn, this creates a team of supercharged specialists. Each mastering their unique market sector as well as avoiding confusing crossovers in role responsibilities.

Not only that, but through our transparent personal performance and behaviour target system it is simple to envision where the next steps lie in your future at Signify Digital and how you can get there.

Building company connections

More than just approachable

Yes, we know you’ve heard it all before. “Friendliest office in the world” and all that jazz. However, connecting both internally and externally is a core characteristic of our work approach. So we kind of have to talk about it… Cohesion within the team helps boost the efficiency of our work process. Each member with their specific roles intertwining perfectly like a tactically astute sports team or intricately rehearsed dance routine. Cohesion with the client helps us understand exactly what they want. Working as an extension of their internal team to provide that extra sprinkle of quality and experience that they are after, and delivering it in a professional yet friendly manner. It’s the stuff of Signify Digital’s dreams.
Signify Digital Agency Team
Signify Team Beth and Nathan

Benefits of working
at Signify

healthcare marketing agency

28 days paid leave

healthcare marketing agency

Yearly company trip abroad

healthcare marketing agency

Free fruit, Nespresso coffee, tea and draft beer

healthcare marketing agency

BUPA Healthcare Cover

healthcare marketing agency

BUPA Dental Cover

healthcare marketing agency

Profit share scheme based on length of service

healthcare marketing agency

Company pension

healthcare marketing agency

Table tennis tournaments

healthcare marketing agency

Regular company social events

healthcare marketing agency

Flexible working opportunities

healthcare marketing agency

On-site gym

healthcare marketing agency

Subsidised on-site restaurant

"The focus on individuals mastering a complete digital marketing skill set at Signify not only helps the team develop, but also allows us to provide all-encompassing insight for our clients. Through this we get to know our client and their business strategy on a deeper level."

Archie Fiddes
Content Marketing Manager - Signify

"Creating an agency like Signify has always been a dream of mine and I am so proud of not only our staff and the work we do but the one to one support we provide to our clients, and the relationships we have with them."

Beth Sherman
Managing Partner - Signify

"What I love most about working for Signify is the fact we are an agency with an 'in-house' approach. It means I get to know the inner-workings of the businesses we work with and truly feel like we are part of their marketing team."

Kieran Press
Marketing Manager - Signify

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