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From schools to MATs to education bodies, the education industry is becoming increasingly digitised. We’re here to help make sure that your digital profile is optimised to help maximise your online presence.

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Broaden Your Horizons Through Strategic Education Marketing

Our experience in education marketing spans across everything from private education bodies to school design agencies. With this comes a breadth and depth of marketing knowledge that can be applied to the specific section of the education sector in which you operate.

Whether you need a complete marketing overhaul or simply some advice on best to tweak your current strategy, we are here to help.

All-Encompassing Marketing

Developing Online Presence Through The Channel Of Your Choice

There is no one single route to establishing your institution online. However, whether you are considering paid advertising, website optimisation, expanding your social media presence or a combination of the three, effective execution of your marketing strategy is key.

No two approaches to improving your online presence should be the same. That is why we create bespoke digital marketing campaigns unique to your brand’s needs, your selected channels and the specific nature of your market.

Education marketing agency
Education PPC Marketing

The marketing equivalent of an educational crash course, PPC advertising gives you access to rapid results, sending you to the top of the SERP and providing a swift ROI.

Education marketing agency
Education SEO Marketing

A long-term strategy for long-term gains, SEO provides a steady performance increase that will see you gain esteem among the search engines as you climb to the top of the rankings.

Education marketing agency
Education Social Media Marketing

Given social’s common role as the first port of call for prospective students, parents or investors, nurturing your social media presence has become a modern marketing must.

Education marketing agency
Education Content Marketing

Digital marketing requires that you not only optimise your online presence, but that you also give meaning to it. Educate and inspire your audience through the creation of effective content.

Tailored to your audience

Targeting Pupils, Parents or Prospective Investors

Education marketing goes far beyond trying to entice new students to your school. Our clients vary from private tutoring institutions to extensive online courses to school display design experts. And with each individual organisation comes a totally different audience.

By honing in on exactly what makes your target audience tick, we not only improve our targeting efforts, but also build an experience around exactly what it is that makes your audience tick.

Combining our market experience with your unique brand characteristics, we build a campaign strategy that grasps your audience’s attention through creative copywriting, research-driven campaign design and thorough analytical reviews. 

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An Extension of your Team

An Education Marketing Agency With A Personal Approach

At Signify Digital, we pride ourselves on our open, communicative approach to work. We believe that functioning closely with the client leads to a more collaborative strategic approach. That’s why we like to consider ourselves part of your marketing team, rather than a typical agency/client dynamic.

By getting to know your team, we have a greater idea of how you operate and the results that you value most. In turn, we openly share exactly what it is that we are doing to help your enterprise reach its goals.

"Thorough, professional and accommodating. A great team who I would highly recommend."

Alastair, CEO
Ivy Education

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Health Professional Academy

Health Professional Academy asked us to design and manage both paid and organic social media campaigns. These were to be optimised for increasing prominence within the sector and encouraging sign-ups for their online courses.

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