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To the untrained eye, PPC advertising can often seem like an untamable beast. As an experienced PPC agency with a wide spanning, in-depth understanding of how each platform operates, we work closely with you to conquer this digital juggernaut.

PPC Marketing agency

PPC you can trust

By discovering which elements of PPC advertising work for you, we can help you wield this new means of online exposure and grow your digital marketing repertoire.

Looking to perch at the top of the Google search rankings, flaunt your branding across visual media outlets or expand your presence onto other search platforms? We’ve got your back.

Our team of friendly marketing enthusiasts has extensive experience in setting up and operating search, display and video campaigns. Plus, we can help you expand your paid online presence through the likes of Microsoft Ads.

With an average annual budget of over one million pounds managed and official Google Partner status, you can rely on our first-rate experience. But what is it that really sets us apart from the rest?…

A PPC strategy built around your business

At Signify Digital, we don’t work like your typical PPC marketing agency. Rather than setting up an account and letting algorithms take the wheel, we approach this digital marketing channel in a manner that’s more personal to your business.

By working as an extension of your team, we work with you to meticulously structure the strategy around your marketing goals. Working together, we help implement:


Stat-backed keyword selection. Building keyword lists that we know will bring people with the right intent to your most relevant webpages.


Engaging content development. Our team of content writers have aeons of experience writing PPC copy and imagery across a number of industries. We know what makes people click.