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As an experienced healthcare PPC agency, we specialise in increasing digital visibility within your medical field.

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Healthcare PPC By Industry Specialists

No matter where you operate within the industry, we’ve got you covered. Working with the likes of nationally-renowned hospitals, specialised clinics and innovative appointment apps, our experience is as wide-ranging as it is in-depth.

Our skill as a specialist healthcare PPC agency is ensuring that your campaign achieves quick results and a healthy return on spend.

How can you trust that what we are saying is accurate? Well, for one we are an officially certified Google Partner. We have also created, optimised and managed Google Ads campaigns for an array of esteemed healthcare institutions with resounding success. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our list of client case studies here.

Specialised Campaigns

Healthcare PPC Constructed Around Your Organisation

Here at Signify Digital, we understand that you require your online campaigns to be as specialised as the professionals operating in your field. That is why each of our healthcare PPC campaigns is totally unique in strategy and execution.

By grasping exactly what it is that your brand represents and the results that you wish to achieve, we tailor make bespoke PPC campaigns that deliver exactly what you are after

We start by carefully selecting a range of high-intent keywords and phrases, before building out your campaign from there. Engaging advert copy, accurate targeting and unique industry knowledge combine to create a Google Ads campaign that is honed in on your organisation’s specific marketing targets.

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Accurate Targeting

Pinpoint Your Perfect Target Audience With Clinical Precision

We know that healthcare is not an industry that relates to one specific demographic. You don’t want your advertising spend to get lost in the ether. That is why all of our campaigns are structured around a specific targeting strategy that ensures your organisation is being presented to all the right people.

From honing down on your desired geographical location to specifying exactly which demographic you wish to address, we can make your brand appear where and when you want it to. With this comes an increase in ad engagement and the number of patients/HCPs getting in touch.

Consistant Optimisation

Carrying Out Constant Checkups On Your Campaigns

As a healthcare PPC agency, we are determined in our quest for perfection. Never resting on our laurels, we continuously monitor and optimise your PPC campaign to adjust in line with audience behaviour and healthcare industry trends to keep you ahead of the competition.

The job isn’t finished once your target audience has clicked on your ads. Through effective retargeting campaigns, we can help work your audience further down the marketing funnel, ultimately bringing more valuable leads to your front door. A PPC marketing strategy that is applicable to every step of the customer journey.

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