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Facebook Advertising allows your business to create targeted campaigns to specific customer bases using their platform, Facebook Ads Manager. As a popular brand awareness and lead generation tool, Facebook promotion has fast become one of the most widely used forms of social media advertising. Facebook's targeting tools mean you can reach your desired audience quickly and effectively.

Campaigns are built around specific objectives that align to your goals. These are measured with tracking through a ‘conversion event’ to assess the success of each campaign.

Facebook Ads campaign goals can include: Brand Awareness, Post Engagement, Video Views, App Installs, Lead Generation, Conversions and E-Commerce sales, among others.


Facebook has access to an incredible level of data and insight that is unattainable anywhere else. This granular detail allows for unparalleled targeting of your adverts, and will produce effective and measurable results from your campaigns. The platform allows for very broad and specific campaigns as well as options for re-targeting.

No more wasting time: Facebook's insightful targeting tools means you will be reaching the right audiences quickly and effectively.


Lookalike audiences are created using the data of a Customer Audience that can be uploaded from your database. This is then used by Facebook to find other users that hold similar interests or traits. Lookalike audiences are used to widen your net if you’re keen to reach users that may be interested in your product or service. It’s an effective way to reach potential leads that are likely to convert due to the similarity they share with your existing customers. While lookalike audiences sound like a sure win in terms of reaching your desired customer, it is important to remember that this is still a cold audience who may not have heard about your brand before. It is important to target your ad copy and creative to users at each stage of the buying cycle, from when they first see you to the point of conversion or action.

Top tip

Test your lookalike audience with other targeting options to measure the engagement and understand how Facebook is matching users to your desired group.


Using demographic and activity information collected by Facebook, businesses can target users by industry and interest to promote services relevant to their online activity. Interest targeting is often a great place to start when building your campaigns, as Facebook offers suggestions to assist you when developing your audience (you can then narrow this down later or AB test groups against each other). Interest targeting is largely based on the actions that users take on the platform, who they follow, what they like, and what pages they engage with. This builds up a picture of each person and adverts will appear to people who fit into your specific interest group.

Top tip

Take some time to think outside of the box and make a note of your who your desired audience is and what their interests are. This should be lifestyle based as well as focused on your service or product.



Using your existing lead databases or CRMs, businesses can retarget these users through Facebook Ads to highlight services they may be interested in. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that can connect your website to Facebook Ads, allowing you to retarget your website visitors and re-engage your audience.

Let's take a closer look...

Benefits: Retargeting often converts at a higher rate as users are aware and potentially already engaged with your brand or website.

Challenges: Some users do not like to be retargeted, and feel it is intrusive. Additionally, you need to be clear in your company's privacy policy that you may be using customer's data for this purpose, and ensure you are complying with GDPR or relevant data regulations at all times.




Based on the campaign goal (eg. Traffic, Lead Generation, Post Engagement) Facebook Ads has a range of advert types that can be used.

The adverts are displayed on the user's newsfeed and can be tested against each other to determine the most successful combination of targeting, advert copy, and imagery to achieve the best conversion rates.

The images above show the suggested layouts for a campaign using website traffic as an objective. The carousel advert could be used to promote a range of services or benefits for the target customer. The Single Image or Video could be used to gain video views or promote one key message. The Collection ad allows you to use a range of images that will expand when clicked on.

Facebook Ads can also appear on your company Instagram page and will display on newsfeeds and Instagram Stories with a clickable link to your desired website landing page.



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