Why working with a healthcare specific marketing agency is key to success

January 11, 2022

healthcare marketing

Why working with a healthcare specific marketing agency is key to success

When considering your marketing strategy and engaging an agency, it is more important than ever before to work out what key factors will decide the agency you work with. After all, marketing can be costly and at any level or size of business, there is a certain element of trust and almost always significant investment to elevate your business.

So what factors should you consider when engaging an agency? Years in industry, price, personality, even location – but most importantly sector experience. As an agency that has grown through recommendations and sector specific niching, we often speak to clients who have found a past agency unable to bring the level of knowledge they need to their campaign.

Sector specific experience allows you to provide real insight and guidance over and above what is expected as campaign management.

A key example of this is the healthcare industry. Signify Digital is a healthcare marketing agency and only through our years of experience in-house at healthcare organisations can we confidently say to our clients that we understand every level of the process from patient research, to enquiry, booking, treatment and aftercare.

Healthcare marketing is a very specific area of expertise as there is a wealth of knowledge required to develop an effective, streamlined campaign. Whether you are considering SEO or Google Ads, healthcare marketing requires a deep understanding of the market competition, keywords and patient journey to pull off a truly effective campaign.

healthcare marketing

How does this look in practice?


Google Ads

At Signify we pride ourselves on our high attention to detail across our campaign management. With healthcare PPC campaigns there is a considerable amount of time and knowledge needed to optimise a campaign correctly. With understanding of healthcare conditions and with historical knowledge of search campaign performance, our team know what terms and phrases potential patients are likely to convert from. For example, should the word ‘expert’ or ‘specialist’ be used, or the words ‘clinic’ or ‘practice’. With these insights we are able to streamline campaigns and achieve high quality traffic and results faster than perhaps a generalist might.  

Our healthcare marketing consultancy also allows us to work as a partner to your in house team. With high levels of sector knowledge, we work with healthcare clients to recommend optimum conversion funnels, landing pages and calls to action across your website. Our tried and tested knowledge means we can confidently recommend actions to drive key performance metrics within the healthcare sector.




Search engine optimisation can feel like a dark art and choosing an agency to carry this out for your organisation can certainly feel like a challenge. Everyone you speak to (as well as us) will tell you that SEO in a long term game and consistent work, measurement, innovation and patience is key to long term success. This is why using a specialist agency within your sector is all the more important. Your SEO strategy should be focused and considered from the start and whether you are concentrating more on technical SEO, link building or content production, your agency and results will perform better if there is a strong foundation of sector specific knowledge from day one.

With over 10 years of healthcare SEO experience we can say with certainty that prior knowledge and experience is essential for website optimisation and content production within this space. Whether you are looking to produce blog posts, service pages or social media copy, a strong basis of medical knowledge and industry know-how will make the difference between content appearing on brand and looking ‘placed’, as well as achieving those all important search rankings.


Interpreting performance

One of the main roles of your healthcare marketing agency will be interpreting data and using this to inform your ongoing strategy. From cost per click to time on page and bounce rate, a knowledgeable partner will be able to not only guide you on what success looks like but also provide insight into what the industry ‘norm’ is. With sector specific experience, your agency should be the guiding voice of your strategy, recommending campaign focus and working with you to ensure your budget is optimally spent.

So how can you find a sector specific agency? The simple answer is Google and reaching out to your network for recommendations. As a starting point your agency should be posting and talking about their sector experience on their website. You should be able to see industry relevant posts and genuine interest in their niche.


Work with Signify

If you like what you hear and would like to discuss healthcare marketing with us please do get in touch. Our team will ask you a few questions about your company and previous marketing experiences. We may ask for account access so we can provide you with an account audit and recommendations as part of our proposal.




“Our understanding of the healthcare space allows us to develop informed, expert campaigns for our clients. With insight into healthcare PPC and healthcare SEO – we are able to develop strategies that drive high quality results.”

Highly analytical and passionate about achieving results, Nathan brings technical expertise to every client project.
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