Signify Digital 2023 Wrapped

December 14, 2023

The Signify team

Barbenheimer, AI, rizz… What a year it has been for everyone, including the team here at Signify Digital! This year we turned 5, worked hard, played hard, and had an all around great 2023. But we don’t just want to tell you, we are going to show you, so here is our 2023 wrapped…


This year we welcomed two new members to team Sig, and they have made quite the impression! 


  • Sophie Thomas joined us as a content marketer, and she has produced some incredible pieces of work in the time she has already been here. We love to ask new joiners their big 5, so here are Sophie’s:


Passionate about: Travel and spicy food

Best travel destination: Vietnam

Guilty pleasure: Friends reruns

Dinner guest: Alan Carr

Drink of choice: Pina colada


  • Nathan Glasscoe joined us as a marketing assistant, and has thrown himself in at the deep end getting stuck into PPC accounts, as well as producing some killer social content and becoming a master of scheduling. Here are his big 5:


Passionate about: West Ham and food

Best travel destination: The Maldives

Guilty pleasure: Made in Chelsea

Dinner guest: Kendrick Lamar

Drink of choice: Caipirinha


It is no secret that Team Sig work hard, and they get rewarded for it, too! So that meant that we celebrated some team promotions this year:



We had a major milestone in the office with our marvellous Marketing Manager Kieran Press celebrating 4 years at Signify! Kieran is a hard working, amazing colleague to have in the office, and a decent table tennis player to boot. We count ourselves very lucky to have him.


April marked a very exciting month as we launched our brand new website in collaboration with March! The team all pulled together to make the website what it is today, and we are very proud of it! Here are three things we prioritised when planning and executing the new site:


  1. Video content – we enlisted the help of Clare Herriot to film some video content that was scattered across our website in easily digestible chunks. From explainer videos to testimonials, have a browse of our website to watch some of them!
  2. SEO – we know about the benefits of on-site SEO, and like to think we know what we’re talking about! It was time to practise what we preach and so we implements best SEO practice from day one.
  3. Case studies – on reviewing our analytics, we found that our case study pages received some of the highest traffic, so this became a focus of our new website structure development.


The team did a lot of networking this year! With a heavy events calendar, here are just a handful of events the team attended:



We started working with A LOT of incredible new clients in 2023. Delivering services across the board from PPC, to SEO, to social media and content marketing. To highlight just a few:



Beth Sherman and Kieran Press gave a talk at the London Stationery Show at the Business Design Centre. They spoke about the fundamentals of digital marketing for small businesses, focusing on PPC and Paid Social Advertising. The talk was a big success, and the first of many! 


There were a lot of major updates in the industry throughout 2023. As a digital marketing agency we ensure we are on top of anything happening so that we can plan and prepare if needed. Some of the standout industry updates we saw this year included:


  • The shift from Google’s Universal Analytics to GA4 – this update impacted the entire team and so we undertook team training well in advance of the shift to ensure we were prepared and could handle the transition as seamlessly as possible.
  • Threads – now that is still a bit of a developing story, but a new social platform on the scene is of course something we have kept a close eye on, and will continue to do so as it develops.
  • We won’t go into too much detail on the year Twitter has had, but we will just leave this blog here for you – “Twitter: What’s happening with the Chief Tw*t, and why you should be paying attention to it.”


Last but not least, how could we forget our incredible team trip to Barcelona! The team more than deserved a couple of days in the sun, so we hopped on a plane to enjoy some tasty tapas, scrumptious sangria and Spanish sunshine. We even managed to talk strategy whilst we were there, planning for the remainder of the year.


That’s it for another year! We hope you enjoyed our Signify Digital 2023 Wrapped. We are wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you are looking to level up your digital marketing in 2024. We are still around over the festive period so get in touch!

With a background in digital design, Georgie enjoys creating visuals and copy for cross-platform use. Also good with numbers, she isn’t too shabby when it comes to data analysis.
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