Google’s Latest SEO Update – Content for the People, By the People

September 21, 2022

Google SEO Update

Google SEO updates – often the scourge of any online business or agency that is looking to optimise their search engine presence. What does it all mean? How will we have to adjust strategy? The Google helpful content update is the latest to join this long list of rule changes, bringing with it a new outlook on how online content should be written. Content for the people, by the people.

But what exactly does the new update mean? And how can you make sure that your online content fits the bill in terms of what the Google gods are after? Read on to find out.

What Is The Google Helpful Content Update?

In their constant endeavour to make the internet a better, more helpful place for all, Google is forever optimising how SEO works on their site. The frankly gargantuan search engine is a constant in our everyday lives. Where would we be without the ability to answer ridiculous questions such as “Orange – did the colour or the fruit come first?” or “What happened to the Milkybar kid?” with the swift flick of our fingers?

But often these questions are met with duplicated or frankly inept blog pieces that don’t get to the core of our burning questions. That is what the latest in the constant stream of Google SEO updates is looking to remedy.

The Google helpful content update is trying to promote content for the people, by the people. Essentially, the algorithm is designed to pick out the most original, helpful content possible when you punch in a search term.

If the plan works – fingers tightly crossed – it will see the end of crappy content making its way to the pinnacle of the SERP. Instead, genuinely written, thoughtfully prepared blog pieces will reign supreme. Content created by those most likely to harbour a pertinent knowledge on your given search subject will be prioritised. But what exactly does this mean for your current content…

How Will This Google SEO Update Affect My Content?

Well, if you have personally written your blogs with care and dedication or have solicited the help of an agency specialising in content creation (hint hint) then you should in fact profit from this change. If you have been plagiarising the work of others, heading off topic or providing nothing but a load of unsubstantial waffle that is stuffed to the brim with keywords you feel will drive traffic, then you may be in trouble…

If your content falls into the latter category, it’s time to give it a good refresh in line with the new requirements. Plus, ensure that your content follows the new guidelines moving forwards.

Here are a few tips to take into consideration if you are looking to update your content so it is in line with the Google’s latest update:

Google Helpful Content Update Tips:

Stay On Topic

The new algorithm favours content that not only sticks to the topic in mind, but is also delivered by a website that knows what they are talking about. This encourages copywriters to remain focused on the task at hand. That means cutting down on unnecessary caveats, bizarre references and bulking out your blog pieces with irrelevant tosh.

Show Off Your Expertise

The update also stipulates that those more likely to be knowledgeable on a given subject will be given precedence. Which we think is fair enough. For example, who wants to be served legal tips by an instagram influencer over an actual law firm? Essentially Google is telling us all to stick to what we know best and prove our depth of knowledge.

Put The Reader’s Experience First

As an agency that prioritises the quality of online content, this is the bit we appreciate most. The reader’s experience will be given priority over all else. That means that you can have a blog piece that ticks all the usual SEO boxes, but if the reader won’t come away satisfied with their blog experience then it won’t count for much. Here, the Google helpful content update looks to applaud and reward work that is both interesting and purposeful. An appreciation of great writing, if you will – something we can all get onboard with.

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