The Importance of Content Series as Part of Your Travel Marketing Strategy

June 1, 2022

Content Marketing Series

The Importance of Content Series as Part of Your Travel Marketing Strategy

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Publishing a content series is a technique that allows for the possibility to provide information in a consistent and creative way. There are many examples that work for different types of companies. One example is a retail outlet counting down the days until a holiday or anniversary. Another example is a doctor’s office sharing relevant weekly tips or advice for an awareness month. 


A series of posts surrounding a specific theme or idea is an important part of a travel marketing strategy because it adds to the story while maintaining audience interest. It is beneficial to choose the type that best fits your company. Whether you choose to create posts through videos, blogs, graphics, or photos, an effective content series will contribute to the overall story that your company is trying to tell.


Maintain Interest


Creating a content series is great for maintaining interest around the content that is being published. An engaged audience will keep returning to your company’s page in order to stay up to date on the next segment in the series. This can therefore provoke a sense of anticipation as people wait to learn more about what’s to come.


For instance, we are creating a sequence of blog posts about Croatia’s neighbouring countries for our clients at Adventures Croatia. After writing one email about Montenegro, clients were eager for more information about the surrounding countries. Because of this, we ended up writing monthly blog posts about Croatia’s neighbours which has worked well in maintaining a captivated audience.


Consistent publishing can also help improve the consumer experience. Posting on a regular basis helps with engagement, allowing customers to anticipate the next content pieces. When it comes to your travel marketing strategy, creating a publishing schedule as part of a series can help with maintaining clients’ interest around a specific location, event, or offer.


Inform About a Place or Places


Benefitting your travel marketing strategy, a content series is a great way to share information about a travel destination or multiple locations. When talking about a single location and having a lot of information to share, it provides an opportunity to share travel insights in more digestible bites. This can almost be thought of as a television series. When an episode ends, most viewers are eager for the next one in order to continue learning more. Cue a weekend of bingeing the new season of Stranger Things!


There are many examples that can be published as part of your travel marketing strategy:


  • Frequent posts about how to pack efficiently for vacation.
  • Daily posts about the history of a specific location.
  • Weekly content sharing popular destinations within a country.
  • Monthly features on different locations that clients can visit as part of a travel company’s service offerings.


Launching a content series around travel is an effective vehicle for keeping followers engaged. Regardless, if the content series contributes to one specific topic or adds to a broader concept or idea, it can help to prove your company’s expertise within the travel marketing industry and increase audience eagerness to travel. For example, Southwest Airlines in the USA had launched a series called “Summer How You Wanna“. The company showcased various destinations around the states that the airline travels to, accompanied by travel insights and popular getaway highlights.


SEO Benefits


A final reason for creating a content series as part of your travel marketing strategy is that your company can make the most of the SEO benefits. Once your company decides on a theme, you can research related search terms in order to increase visibility around that related topic. Therefore, when people search something related to what you are posting about, your search rankings have the potential to increase.


Increasing search rankings and visibility is important because it helps your company stay relevant within the competitive travel industry. For example, if you are creating a content series around top travel destinations in Europe, your posts could utilise keywords with a high search volume such as “travelling to Madrid” or “what to do in Paris”.


To take your company to the next level in the travel marketing industry, consider which strategy your company would like to implement and how your company would like to go about it. Here at Signify Digital, travel marketing is one of our specialties! If you would like help with your travel marketing strategy or other digital marketing needs, contact us today and we can work out the best plan for you.

Beth is passionate about branding, creativity, and innovation. Her marketing experience includes both paid and organic social media management as well as website development and creating visuals for online campaigns.
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