September 6, 2021

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There have been many unresolved, opinion-splitting debates throughout history. Which was the greater invention, the telephone or electric lighting? Which is the superior caffeine fix, tea or coffee? Was it the chicken or the egg that first graced this good earth? In the world of digital marketing there is one debate that has remained a constant since Adwords was launched at the dawn of the century – should more focus should be placed on SEO or PPC?

Let’s start by clarifying something – SEO and PPC are not rivals. In fact, the most successful campaigns occur when the two operate in unison. Formulating a digital marketing strategy that combines considered SEO with constructive PPC adverts will see your website traffic flourish, as relevant and interested parties flock to your site.

However, each of these two online marketing strategies do come with their own particular advantages.

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The Advantages of SEO


There is no point in beating around the bush – SEO is a digital marketing process that takes time. Depending on a number of factors – including competition and quality of content – it can take up to a year for your website to start hitting the positions that you are after. However, once you are up there it will take one hell of an effort for a competitor to topple you from your spot. 

Strong organic positioning on SERPs is something that every company should strive for, however if you are looking for instant results, this may not be the route for you right now. It is very much a digital discipline in which you reap what you sow, repaying the effort you put in with consistent results and a longevity that cannot be replicated through paid adverts.

Easier on the budget

When companies contemplate whether they should invest more in SEO or PPC, value for money is a consistent factor of consideration. And so it should be! Every business should strive to spend their digital marketing budget as tactically as possible. Whilst SEO can most definitely not be considered “free clicks” – it is a process that takes both time and budget – it is certainly easier on the purse strings than PPC.


It is all well and good bidding on relevant keywords, but if your website isn’t seen as a trustworthy source of information on the subject it won’t count for much. If they land on your page and are welcomed by a wealth of content surrounding their particular interest, backed up by voices of influence within the industry they will see it differently.

Building your brand as an authority through meticulous SEO strategy and posting smart, engaging content will see your website attract a consistent stream of fruitful traffic. In this sense, effective SEO can lend a helping hand on your way to becoming an industry leader.

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The Advantages of PPC


It may seem obvious, but the positioning of a Google advert is one of its key benefits. With accurate copy, a highly relevant landing page and the right bidding behind it, an advert can land right at the top of an SERP. With this comes the clear benefit of being the first thing that the individual sees after Googling their subject or query.

While positioning is a gigantic benefit of using PPC, some search terms will demand a large spend and it won’t mean anything if your ad copy does not draw the searcher’s attention. Therefore the importance of tactful bidding and writing engaging ad copy cannot be overstated.

Quick turnaround

While it takes time to establish your organic online presence, PPC can offer you almost instantaneous results. Under the right circumstances, you can go from concept to execution within the space of a day. This means increased website traffic overnight.

However, it isn’t as simple as turning on your ads and watching the traffic roll in. Without proper maintenance a Google Ads campaign can attract a flurry of irrelevant individuals to your website, meaning a catastrophic waste of budget. That’s why effective negative keywording, A/B testing and appropriate bid strategies are vital to a healthy Google Ads account.

Adjustable targeting

Thanks to the plethora of adjustments that can be made on a Google Ads campaign, you can assure that your adverts are aimed with precision. Targeting allows you to focus bids according to location, age, gender, time of the week, device and more. Due to this, you have the power to decide exactly who is seeing your ads and when they see them (within reason…), as opposed to inviting a constant stream of potentially irrelevant traffic.

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So there it is – an outline of the benefits of SEO and PPC. When deciphering whether your digital marketing campaign should focus on SEO or PPC, consider exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve. However, as previously mentioned, it may be unwise to focus entirely on one or the other, as the best campaigns effectively combine the two.

If you would like help sprucing up your digital presence, contact us about our SEO and PPC packages. Or alternatively come in and say hello to the team in person!

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