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Hormones & You are a hormonal health clinic who specialise in creating accessible, personalised, natural hormone-balancing solutions that truly work. They believe that no woman should suffer because of her hormones, and are on a mission to educate and help women rebalance their hormones to optimal levels in the most natural way possible.

The Brief

In July 2023, Hormones & You reached out to us after they hit a wall with their digital marketing and social media strategy for healthcare. 

They were looking for a full-service, bespoke healthcare marketing solution that could support them in increasing their brand awareness while also driving leads and subscriptions through their website. 

When they came to us, their main lead generation driver was through paid social advertising. They tasked with us improving the performance of these campaigns as well as to help them grow their PPC efforts to help kickstart subscriptions from this channel as well. In addition to this H+Y also wanted to grow their organic presence and increase organic traffic coming through to their website both via Google and organic social media channels.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

Google Ads

Targeting the key product focuses for Hormones + You we built carefully tailored campaigns based around search intent to capture people in the latter stages of the buying cycle. We also experimented with various advert copy styles as well as a full suite of advert extensions to make the adverts as appealing as possible and to drive improved click through rates.

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Paid Social Media

Paid social media campaigns were built targeting bespoke audiences to capture and engage new and existing customers. We also produced a user generated content (UGC) campaign to increase paid social conversions and maximise content engagement.

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Organic Social Media

When it comes to a social media strategy for healthcare organic social media is a key component to drive brand engagement. With no organic social media presence, we set up profiles across Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Through engaging content and community management we worked to increase page following and underpin core branding activity.

Organic SEO Marketing Agency


Regular keyword focused blog content was produced to drive traffic as well as a thorough site audit designed to maximise the effectiveness of the site. Backlinks were also created to help improve domain visibility and trust over time.

The Results

conversions recorded within the first week of the UGC social advertising campaign
0 %
increase in the number of conversions generated from social advertising
0 %
increase in new patient numbers on a monthly basis
0 +
Over 40 organic social posts scheduled per month.

How we did it

Working with the team, we created a strategy that reworked their PPC to target intent driven keywords and filter out irrelevant searches through extensive negative keyword addition.

Alongside PPC advertising, we took on the Hormones & You social advertising, running an audit on their existing campaigns and putting together a strategy to progress this. Our healthcare social media marketing knowledge and experience enabled us to put this together and implement it quickly and efficiently, so that we started seeing results almost immediately. After a few months of increased sales via social media, we looked to push forward with increasing results with a UGC campaign. This produced 133 conversions within the first week, and has remained a core part of the social advertising strategy as a result.

With no initial social presence, we put an organic strategy together to decide which platforms to focus our efforts on. Once approved we set up the social profiles, put a content plan together and began combining regular posting with community management to quickly but effectively build their audience.

Hormones & You came to us with a large existing client database, but were not currently utilising it. We set up a Mailchimp account for them and began producing monthly email newsletters to engage their audience and drive new and repeat bookings.

These results show what a well-orchestrated digital marketing and social media strategy for healthcare can ultimately achieve


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