Content Marketing For Travel Companies

October 10, 2022

Content Marketing For Travel Companies

An Introduction

Each sector has certain marketing mediums that perform better for them than others. Sectors such as healthcare marketing often lean heavily on pay per click advertising, while others such as the education sector tend to apply their gaze to longer term marketing methods such as search engine optimisation.

Being experts in travel marketing, we can vouch for the fact that the sector has a range of marketing methods that work well, but one in particular that really performs for travel companies is content marketing.

Content marketing for travel companies brings out the very best in their offering. Rather like a premium bow tie to compliment a suit at a fancy wedding or a fresh cup of coffee to pair with some decent chocolate (if you know you know).

How & Why?

For those of you lucky enough to be working in the travel sector, you are likely aware of the intrigue, romance, excitement and general buzz that is synonymous with the industry. And while the travel sector spans luxury villas in Bali to aeroplane catering services, having the right tone of voice and content marketing strategy is pivotal to the success of the business.

As a specialist travel marketing agency we are experienced in working with clients to tell their story and breathe fresh life into the vision they are peddling. Below are just a few examples of how successful content marketing for travel companies can help pave the way for an improved conversion rate.

Underpin Your Visuals

Maybe the only thing more important than content marketing for travel companies is visuals. As much as a strong content strategy can grip and engage your reader, lacklustre imagery and video content has likely lost the consumer to more luring pastures before they even had a chance to devour your content.

As a company in the travel sector you’re often blessed with some of the most striking and wonderful scenery that can be used for photography when showcasing  your product/service. This imagery alone can help depict incredible landscapes, wondrous accommodation and aspirational transport methods to name but a few, but once you have captivated the attention of your audience it’s critical you keep them engaged and underpin your offering.

Borrowing an image below from our friends at Adventures Croatia, we look at the various ways you can successfully, or unsuccessfully depict the beauty of Lake Bled.

Lake Bled

Rubbish Copy

Day Three – Lake Bled, Slovenia

“Tour around the famous Lake Bled in Slovenia seeing the blue waters and greenery surrounding the lake”

Better Copy

Day Three – Lake Bled, Slovenia

“Take in the natural beauty of Lake Bled in Slovenia. Walking the perimeter of the lake you can witness the vivid blue waters paired with luscious greenery ”

Convert Me Now Copy

Day Three – Lake Bled, Slovenia

The third day of the tour sees us arrive at breath-taking Lake Bled, in Slovenia. Nestled in the Julian Alps, the region is known for its dramatic scenery and was originally forged by fairies according to local myths. The lake has it all. From the captivating and alluring blues of the water (that’s actually rather warm) to the gorgeous alpine landscape, you’re sure to fall in love with Slovenia’s most famous destination”

While imagery and video for your travel company can be considered the King and Queen of the chessboard, your content marketing strategy and delivery can be considered the Knight and Bishop. Carefully navigating the board, strategically making moves to help out and ultimately bring victory to your chess team (travel company).

Email Marketing

Adventures Croatia Email

Email marketing is a staple for many travel companies. Open and click through rates in the sector tend to be higher than others and ensuring your content is provocative and noteworthy is crucial.

From strong attention grabbing headlines to alluring description copy, having impactful and engaging language will certainly improve campaign performance. In particular the campaign headline is vital to driving opens of your email, while enticing calls to action help improve the click through rate and drive people to your website or action point.

Social Media Marketing

An obvious choice for the modern travel company. For both paid and organic campaigns the quality and frequency of your content marketing is imperative.

While the standard of written work is key, so too is being consistent and making sure your followers are seeing a regular stream of content to satisfy their dosage of travel hunger. Content marketing for travel companies takes a slightly different tone for social media. It’s typically…

  • Less formal
  • More provocative
  • Designed to initiate a response
  • Trying to create a sense of FOMO
  • Actually rather simple

Often in the travel sector, less can be more. For example, the captions below. Simple, easy, engaging. Let your powerful imagery talk.

“Happy Monday”

Diving into the Sea

A sleepy Tuesday in Kotor”

Kotor, Montenegro

Print Marketing

Travel Magazine

A real classic of the travel sector. Nostalgia flows from the days of browsing the glossy pages of brochures scattered around high street travel agents hunting for the best swimming pool on offer.

While those days may nearly be over, strong print marketing is very much still alive. From sending out guides, tour plans or itineraries for travellers or for showcasing your offering on posters, outdoor advertising and magazines; strong copywriting is essential to getting your message across and ensuring brand continuity.

So, What Next?

Content marketing for travel companies is an essential component for a successful marketing and brand strategy. As a travel marketing agency we are passionate about travel and passionate about content marketing. Therefore a fantastic fit for any travel companies out there that are looking to bolster or supercharge their content offering. For more, speak to our team by completing the form.

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